Lian Ross Unveils Radio Version of “Fantasy” – A Nostalgic Journey Back to the ’80s

In an exhilarating celebration of the ’80s music era, international sensation Lian Ross is set to release the radio version of her iconic hit single “Fantasy.”

Originally released in the mid-’80s, “Fantasy” became an instant sensation and cemented Lian Ross’s status as a powerhouse in the Eurodisco scene. Decades later, the song still resonates with fans worldwide being a staple in her live shows.

Lian Ross expressed her excitement about the re-release, stating, ” ‘Fantasy’ holds a special place in my heart, and I’m thrilled to share it as a single release with my fans. The ’80s were a magical time for music and I love being able to still carry it on in the present.

“Fantasy” is set to drop on the 19th of January on all major streaming platforms. Lian Ross invites fans to join her in reliving the magic of the ’80s and experiencing the timeless allure of “Fantasy.”

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