Lian Ross releases new studio album “4You”

After the successful release of her third solo album “3L”, Lian Ross releases her long awaited fourth studio album “4You”.

Lian Ross is pure joy of life, not only as a singer, but also as a person. The new album fulfills all the dreams of the 80s sound fans. It was produced, as expected, by Luis Rodriguez (music legend and sound creator of the 80s/90s of Modern Talking, C.C. Catch, London Boys, etc.). The songs sound in perfect symbiosis of innovative and true Eurodisco sounds, catchy melodies and ravishing vocals. 

Special highlights of the album are the hit single “Can You Love Me”, “We Live Forever” and the anthem “My Symphony”.

Additionally, there are 2 bonus tracks on the album, “Touch Me” feat. 2 Eivissa and the project “Moving On” in collaboration with Dr. Alban and Admiral C4C.

The album is released as a double CD together with all extended versions and as a deluxe box. The box contains many goodies for the fans!

Enjoy the new album: “4You”!

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